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Daniel Litts | Pinehurst, NC


Sales, leadership, and customer service training for Landscaping Companies

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We work with NC Landscaping companies to increase sales

The Landscaping Companies we work with often tell us...

  • "We struggle with a lack of brand recognition - we're not as well known in our marketplace."
  • "Our prospects and even some of our current clients don’t know the scope of services we offer."
  • "We get frustrated because even when our customers are happy we don't get a lot of referrals."
  • "We don’t do a good job of cross-selling other services we provide or up-selling to current clients."
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Sell more and provide superior services to your clients

At Sandler Training by Ascending Performance, we work with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Landscape Artists to...

  • Differentiate themselves from their competition
  • Identify their ideal client and strategize the best way to engage with them
  • Prevent stalls and objections from people who only want to talk about price and nothing else
  • Add new revenue streams when digital marketing or networking isn't producing decent leads
  • Avoid wasting time with bargain shoppers and company hoppers who are not likely to grow in value

See what our Landscaping clients say

Useful Sales Resources for Landscaping Professionals

Selling to Homeowners

Selling to Homeowners the Sandler Way

Selling to homeowners is different – and challenging. If you or anyone in your company go into the home for any part of the sales process, this book is for you. Download your free chapter for a glimpse at the comprehensive in-home selling program based on the proven Sandler Selling System.

5 Secrets for Professional Growth

5 Secrets for Personal and Professional Growth

Do you have a desire to not only improve your life, but also the lives of those with whom you associate personally and professionally? Learn how top performers balance their personal and professional lives to maximize productivity and improve relationships.

Why People Buy

Why People Buy

Learn why presenting features, benefits, and free consulting early in the discussion can leave the customer in control of the relationship. Download your free sample chapter and learn proven strategies for creating powerful discussions with prospects.