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Daniel Litts | Pinehurst, NC

Construction and
Building Materials

Sales, leadership, and customer service training for Construction and Building Material companies

Free Resources for Construction Industry Sales Teams

We work with North Carolina companies who provide Construction Services increase their revenue

Our Construction Industry customers often tell us...

  • "We struggle to keep our funnel full of qualified prospects"
  • "Our customers tell us they're happy but we aren't getting enough referrals."
  • "It's frustrating trying to close deals without discounting and sell at premium prices."
  • "We're unsure how to navigate selling to companies who have to adhere to government regulations with major safety concerns."
  • "It's an uphill selling to large companies with huge supply chains, numerous channel partners, and geographically-scattered job sites."

Increase profits and provide superior services and products to your clients

At Sandler Training by Ascending Performance, we work with Executives, Sales Teams, and Customer Services teams to...

  • Shift the conversation from price to value, even when prospects are operating with very thin net margins
  • Stand out from their competition in a saturated market
  • Sell to prospects who run massively complex projects and are laser-focused on their specific responsibilities
  • Create long-term relationships and ongoing partnerships that lead to referrals

See What our Construction Industry Clients Say

Free Sales Resources for the Construction Industry

5 Ways For Builders and Remodelers To Increase Referral Business

5 Ways For Builders and Remodelers To Increase Referral Business

Referrals cost less to produce than other leads and close at a much higher rate, so they should be a key part of your prospecting process. If you're not sure how to create a replicable and predictable process for generating referrals, be sure to download this free report. 

5 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder in HVAC Sales

5 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder In HVAC Sales

To increase opportunities for new HVAC sales, you need to apply strategy and methodology to your sales process on a consistent basis. Learn how to avoid waiting until "bid day" to start negotiating and how to establish a pipeline full of qualified prospects.

Selling to Homeowners

Selling to Homeowners The Sandler Way

Download your free chapter of this book that outlines a comprehensive in-home selling program that is low-pressure and conversational. Selling to Homeowners The Sandler Way is designed for sales professionals who sell directly to consumers in their homes, including construction, building materials, and remodeling.