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Daniel Litts | Pinehurst, NC

Business Services

Sales, leadership, and customer service training for B2B Service Providers

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We work with North Carolina companies who provide Business Services increase their revenue

Our B2B Service Provider customers often tell us...

  • "When I’m selling my services I struggle to sell myself."
  • "I don’t know how to get my customer to see me as an indispensable resource."
  • "My prospects always want me to present them with solutions before signing a contract with me."
  • "It’s a battle trying to scale my business without running into cash flow issues or working 80 hours a week."
  • "My competition is constantly undercutting my prices but I can’t afford to charge less.
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Sell more and provide superior services to your clients

At Sandler Training by Ascending Performance, we work with Executives, Sales Teams, and Customer Services teams to...

  • Differentiate yourself and your company in the marketplace
  • Eliminate the time-wasting bad habit of free consulting
  • Implement systematic processes so your business can scale
  • Hire, develop, and manage new staff that will lead to increased profitability
  • Fill your sales funnel and maintain consistent cash flow

See What our Business Services Clients Say

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The real reason features and benefits selling doesn't work.

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