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Management Training

Sales Leadership Growth Series

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The Challenges of Management

Management is one of the toughest jobs in any organization. They must hit sales targets, manage strong personalities, and lead directives from senior leadership.

The Sales Leadership Growth Series is designed for individuals and organizations that are:

  • Experiencing a talent gap in leadership due to high growth or high turnover.
  • Hitting a sales plateau and struggling to hit revenue targets for growth.
  • Concerned about consistency in management across teams.
  • Looking to invest in training and performance of emerging sales managers.

If you want better results and better sales teams, invest in better leaders.

The Sandler Management Program is based on proven theories, hard skills, and workable strategies. It emphasizes active skills training for coaching, hiring, and leading with applications to your specific situation.

Learn and apply the unique Sandler mix of communication strategies and human relations to your sales management role. You and your team will profit and prosper as you become a better leader.

  • Recruiting and hiring the best candidates for your team
  • Understanding and communicating with your salespeople
  • Conducting effective performance evaluations
  • Mastering leadership roles such as supervising, training, coaching, and mentoring
  • Setting goals with your team
  • Time management and delegation

Your ability to find and hire the best salespeople, then accurately evaluate their performances, and motivate them, affects your team’s ability to succeed. Outstanding sales performance requires a realistic sales plan, including goals and the strategies for accomplishing them. Learn to effectively debrief your salespeople, grow your sales through networking, and manage a territory, while developing the best practices vital to managing, maintaining, and maximizing business with existing customers.


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Program Design & Delivery


Coach to Success

A four-step Coach to Success model, leveraging techniques like the coaching contract and Sandler's questioning strategies.

Building an Operating Framework

Exploration of creation and establishment of sales accountability through operating procedures to drive sales and meet goals

Strategic Coaching

Examination of long-term goals and improvements, applying the Coach to Success model to ultimate success.


Navigating Candidate Identification and Interviewing

Introduction to the Hiring PIPEline and RESEARCH Model, and application through a successful hiring process.

Securing the Best Candidate

Exploration of the Job Candidate Scorecard, hiring decision criteria and internal biases to identify key hiring insights.

Onboarding for Productivity and Retention

Examination of the MAPs process and 4 Step Onboarding to increase speed to productivity for sales.


Coaching Client Meetings

Introduction to Pre-Call Planner tool amplifying individual accountability by implementing debriefing and observation.

Coaching Deal Advancement

Exploration of deal management and identifying risks, and implementation of risk mitigation strategies through creative questioning.

Coaching Pipeline Optimization

Examination of pipeline health and how to assess pipeline health using an excel analysis driving optimization through Pruning, Prioritizing and Prospecting.

In Our Clients Words

Glen Miller, Sr. VP of Sales

"As the world’s fourth-largest IT management consulting company, we compete in an extremely tight – and unforgiving – marketplace. To succeed, we need tools that make a measurable difference. After more than a decade of working together, your superb sales and sales management training programs continue to deliver the edge we need, and your training efforts continue to earn an astounding 93% approval rating! That’s why we decided to bring the sales force of our new division under the Sandler umbrella."

Get the tools to help you build, motivate, and lead a high-performing sales team.