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Daniel Litts | Pinehurst, NC


Sales, leadership, and customer service training for Parmaceutical Companies

We work with pharmaceutical companies across North Carolina to increase top-line revenue

The Pharmaceutical Representatives we work with often tell us...

  • "We struggle to get in front of decision-makers who are typically doctors, chemists, and hospital pharmacies."
  • "It's tough to get things accomplished when we have very limited time with prospects who typically have an insanely busy schedule."
  • "We're concerned about maintaining customer relationships as it’s required to communicate regularly with time-strapped medical staff and doctors to keep an eye on their requirements and fulfilling their needs."
  • "It's frustrating because pharmaceutical promotion is subject to a growing number of constraints, arising from laws, regulations and industry codes."


Doctor Virtual Appointment

Sell more and provide superior services to your clients

At Sandler Training by Ascending Performance, we work with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Representatives to...


  • Build long-term relationships with Medical Representatives in a competitive marketplace
  • Convert leads to customers without putting pressure on your prospects
  • Overcome the additional challenge of sales efforts towards non-physician customers such as patients and payers
  • Connect with Physicians who can be reluctant to be visited¬†or make time in their schedule
  • Transform potentially adversarial communications into a collaborative relationship
  • Get back on track after being grounded by the pandemic
  • Transition to digital selling tools in an industry that is typically face-to-face selling

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