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Daniel Litts | Pinehurst, NC


Sales, leadership, and customer service training for Manufacturing Companies

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We work with Manufacturing companies across North Carolina to increase top-line revenue

The Manufacturing Companies we work with often tell us...

  • "We struggle to get in front of the right decision-makers."
  • "Our salespeople often lose control of the sale when bidding on projects and RFP's."
  • "It's frustrating trying to get prospects to see our value in a competitive price-driven market."
  • "It's challenging to adjust when selling to different audiences, direct customers, and distribution channel customers."
  • "We're anxious about client retention in this unstable marketplace."
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Sell more and provide superior services to your clients

At Sandler by Ascending Performance, we work with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Professionals to...

  • Confidently discuss legacy equipment without feeling like you're pressuring your prospects or customers to buy
  • Stop overwhelming prospects and customers with so much technical jargon that deters from a needs-based discussion
  • Successfully ask clients to refer them to other departments within the company
  • Determine how to help their prospects identify and address urgent needs during a complex sale
  • Develop a systematic process for selling that cultivates relationships both before and after the close
  • How to educate key decision-makers on the long-term implications of buying decisions

See what our Manufacturing clients say...

Useful Sales Resources for Manufacturing Companies

100 Great Sandler Questions... And When to Ask Them - 3D Cover Image UPDATED

100 Sandler Questions ... and When to Ask Them

As a sales professional, your job is to ask the buyer questions until you understand what is needed to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Take charge of your next conversation by asking the right questions at the right time.

How to Succeed

Podcast: How to Succeed at Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics

Mike Jones, Sandler trainer and author of Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics, joins the podcast to talk about the best practices for those industries. You will learn how to avoid wasting time in the bid process or responding to RFPs that you have no chance of winning. Learn how to find, pursue and close the most profitable deals of your career.

Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics

Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics: The Twelve Key Strategies For Managers And Salespeople

In Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics: The Twelve Key Strategies For Managers And Salespeople, Sandler trainers Mike Jones and Ken Guest introduce alternative processes for salespeople and managers to follow when selling in these industries, where traditional sales methods are ineffective.